Mother International Academy is a part of global community who care and love the education and academia. We believe in developing strong partnerships with parents and members of the global community. For the academic and overall development of each pupil, we first encourage him/her to realise his/her own potential and constantly apply innovative methods to help him/her to leap forward in the global village. We arrange regular meetings of parents and teachers to review on the school’s approaches. We have been providing organised curriculum and ECAs. We are committed to develop MIA, as a unique school in Nepal with innovative methodologies in academia. Our pupils are from wide group of cultural origin and nationalities. This makes a cheerful learning environment for the pupils within the school premises.

Moreover, as we have cohered practical way of learning in our methodologies, we need well stocked library, science equipments, computers and multimedia. We pride ourselves that we can offer ‘Exchange Projects’ of our pupils with the pupils of UK and other parts of the world. We are trying our best to provide more scholarships; now the school is on the process of emerging as an ‘educational foundation’. Within the framework of ‘foundation’, we can offer more services like school-health program, more scholarships, other welfare units for needy students. You are most welcome to visit and share with us.